Your Money Can Create Miracles: Subtitles English: BK Shivani

In today’s times, if you want to go ahead of others Stop focusing on the things that other people are presently focusing on. And start focusing on the things which they are not focusing on. Because there are a lot of products in this world already. There are plenty of people marketing them already. But what is the client wanting today? We are continuously cutting costs of products too. What is the client looking for? Suppose you go to a fruit market. There are 10 fruit stalls adjacent to each other. All 10 of them have the same fruits. The cost is also the same, except for maybe a small variance of 5 rupees. How will you choose whom to buy fruits from, over a period of time? They are also in ‘Sales’. How will you choose when the quality is also the same with all 10 vendors? Sometimes when we look at apples, we can’t make out which is better. They all look good. Which of the sellers will you decide to buy from, on a permanent basis? I can talk to you very nicely and still cheat you. Can we do that or not? We can. I can very sweet little you this is the best for you, and sell it to you. We can make out. What is it that we can make out? You might go once to a person who speaks nicely. You may even go for the second time But who will you finalize, at last? Isn’t it? Who will be the permanent vendor from whom you will buy thereafter? Someone who is clean, honest, credible. Who even has the power to tell you – Please don’t buy fruits from me today. You might tell him – It’s okay, give them. But he will insist – No Sir, these fruits are not good. Please buy from someone else today. After this experience you will not go to any other shop. What is popularly said about Sales? Who is said to be intelligent? And what does he sell to whom? That is what the world says – Someone who can sell a comb to a bald person. This is cheating. This is downright cheating. A good salesman should be one, where even if that person wants to buy a comb. Convince that person that it is not meant or useful for him. Authenticity lies there. You will not be able to sell that one comb. But there after you will sell so many combs, that you would not even have imagined. You did not sell that one comb, but what did you earn instead? Authenticity, credibility and right Karma. So all these slogans that take us towards wrong Karmas We need to eliminate them. But we usually fear that if I am honest, what if the other person goes ahead of me? They are selling more than me. Just because others are diluting their Karma, are my karma also gets diluted. One person looks at the second person’ s Karma. The second looks at the third. And collectively, we brought down the energy of our Karma. And then we say – I have everything. But I don’t have happiness, health, and relationships. Happiness, health, and relationships cannot come from money. Money can give us treatment, not health. Where does health come from? Where do happiness, health and good relationships come from? The ‘I’ here should be clean. Only then we experience happiness. Otherwise we can only by physical comforts externally. That is the reason we need to change the way we work. If we manipulated someone slightly Twisted facts And ensured they bought it We believe – My job is done. I have achieved my targets. This is what is happening. Targets are being achieved. In fact we are achieving more than the targets set for us. But our happiness is reducing. This can hardly be labelled as success. Success is when we achieve targets also When our happiness increases way more When our health remains excellent When our relationships are strong When our world is beautiful. Only then can we truly enjoy our achievements. You achieved your target and you got everything But if mind is not happy and relationships at home are bitter What is the point in all the achievements then? Life needs to be balanced. It should not be that we kept running towards only one aspect of life, in a way that All other aspects got ignored. And we said – This is success. This cannot be success. So please change that slogan And create a new slogan That even if someone wants to buy it We will not sell it, if we feel it is not useful for someone. Even if they insist on buying, refuse to sell. Clarify to them – I am telling you, it is not useful for you. Business means Even before thinking of our profit, we think of the other person’ s profit. Today we have changed the equations of business. That is why the money that is coming home, has somebody’s energy of discontentment in it. Because whose profits did we think of? We are giving people a product No matter what its cost is We don’t need to reduce the product cost. We only need to increase our honesty. Why are we competing over costs? That they have sold it for ‘x’ amount. Let me sell it for lesser than ‘x’. No. What is it doing to our business finally? Set the cost as per it original value. Set the cost at whatever value you need to sell it at. But thereafter, have 100% honesty, transparency, and credibility. Then it is not possible that you will not do well. It is just not possible that you don’t succeed. This needs to be experimented. Of working while holding on to our values and principles. Run your business and earn a lot of money But if you earn by making someone unhappy Suppose I have bought this. Someone has sold this to me. Somebody sold it for 200 rupees and I bought it for 200 rupees. But if every day there is a leaf or a flower falling from it Then everyday, looking at this product I am creating a thought That – I paid 200 rupees but did not get a good product. This is not okay, that is not okay. You will feel the business transaction was completed that day. That you sold it for 200 and I bought it for 200. You thought the deal is finished. Deal is not finished. The deal has started the day. The deal begins that day. Since I need to use that product everyday. And every day while using the product, I will create a thought. About whom will that thought be? About the person who sold me that product. Which means I will remember you everyday. We will remember that person everyday. That person can be thought of in a positive way too. If it is giving me happiness, I will say – I paid only 200 rupees, but it is so good. It is more valuable than the amount I paid for it. So what did you earn everyday from me? You earned blessings. It is an investment. Energy will keep coming to you continuously. Don’t sell anything to people when it is not right. Such that when they are using it everyday they remember you And they do not create a nice thought when they think of you. Your Karmic account is getting created. And then we don’t understand, that when we have everything, why are we not happy? That is because somewhere, somebody is sending us the opposite energy of happiness. So the business deal begins that day. It doesn’t end that day. That is the reason that during any transaction, do not think only of your profits. Don’t say – My job is done. I sold my product. I earned my 200 rupees. No. Before thinking of your profit, think of their profit. There are two business is going on throughout the day. One is an external transaction. The other is an energy transaction from here. External transactions bring home money. And the internal transactions from here bring home happiness. We need to bring home both. To bring home both, when you are selling a product to someone When you are convincing them to use it You will need to understand that person’s needs And then sell it to them for their benefit. And then when you close the deal You won’t even know for how many years they sent you blessings. It is very important. The tensions arising at our homes today The anxieties at our homes today Their main source is the money coming home today. Because that money is used to fulfill our material needs. It is used to nurture our family. If that money comes home along with blessings Then that money radiates good energy to our home. But if it is earned in an unethical way It is not a matter of how small or big an amount someone got cheated for. The quality of Karma is what matters. Whether the product costs 100 rupees or 1 crore. It does not depend on the amount. It depends on the intention. Our Karma is not dependent on the amount. Our Karma depends on our intentions and feelings. Whether the intention was to give comfort to the other person? Or the intention was about our own profit? Whether the intention was to make the other person contented? Or the intention was just to earn money? Intention behind the Karma. Is what the consequence of Karma depends on. The more happiness we give someone The more contentment we give someone What happens to the ‘I’ here? It is getting good energy from everyone. But if you manipulate even slightly, no matter how hard you try What happens to the ‘I’? Because I have no idea what several people, at different places, are thinking about me. What would they be thinking about me? So it is very important to focus on how we run business. First step is to keep the ‘I’ clean. We will keep our Energy field pure. Next, we will work 100% ethically. So we will make the ‘I’ even stronger. The stronger the ‘I’ becomes It is not just the blessings which will increase. When someone has many blessings, what happens to their money? When someone earns so many blessings, what happens to their money? What all can blessings do? We know what all money can do. We can buy objects of comfort. What can blessings do in our life? They give us happiness. What else? Peace. What else? What all can blessings do in our life? Whether it is for us or our family Whenever there is a big challenge in life When the challenge is such that we are unable to see any solution. Yes, you said it – Blessings will work in those moments. What does it mean when we say blessings will work? That something which was very unlikely to happen, it also gets resolved. We say – A miracle happened. It is not about a miracle. If it is a miracle then it should happen in everyone’s life. It’s not possible that miracle happens in her life and not in mine. Who is going to decide this miracle? Who is deciding that a miracle should happen in someone’s life? And how someone else is life is getting complicated, even without a reason. Decided by whom? Decided by my blessings that I have earned. What is impossible becomes possible. Matters where we were stuck, proceed smoothly. Big obstacles move out of our way just like that. And people around us say – It is due to somebody’s blessings on you. Don’t say? Yes, they do. Sometimes even doctors say – It was not possible for me. It is the power of blessings because of which this person has recovered. So when should we accumulate blessings? The blessings which will help us in life, when are we supposed to earn and accumulate them? It’s not something you can do at that moment and say – let me play now. We don’t need to pray at that time. We need to accumulate blessings to use at that time. How to accumulate blessings? Through our karmas. But if the Karmas are not right We earn the opposite of blessings. Not earning blessings is not a very big risk If I don’t get blessings it is still okay. But I get the opposite of blessings. So what happens? That will also have an effect on me. It is not only one quality of energy which has an effect. If I think very nicely for you it will have an influence on you. Likewise if I don’t think nicely for you, it will also have an influence on you. And then we say – Everything was going fine. Don’t know whose evil eyes are set on us. Blessings are also earned by us. Evil eyes (negative energy) is also earned by us Where is all the responsibility? Here. Nobody’s evil eyes can be cast on someone else’s life. My eyes can be cast only on my life. So I need to keep my vision clean. But if you do a Karma Because of which I am sad Where did my energy of sadness go? It went to you. And if you did not clean your Energy field Then what did you start accumulating in your life? You started accumulating energy of pain. So when a challenge came in your life, there was no power to cross that scene. So even if the matter was small, it turned into a crisis. Because power was not accumulated. We do need to save money. So we need to have two balance sheets and two bank accounts. One for money and one for blessings. Which of the two is more effective? Being from Marketing and Sales, you are saying blessings are more effective? Sometimes there comes a situation. We would have a lot of money. But all the money put together cannot also resolve the situation. Doesn’t it happen? We see people helplessly saying – Take away all my money but please save my child. That person has all the money one can imagine. But they would still not able to help the child recover. And someone else will have no money. They confess – Sir, I have no money. And the doctor says – Never mind. There was some generous person who came and donated money for your child’s treatment. Cooperation and help will come to people in any form, by themselves. Because that person’s bank has a lot of blessings accumulated. Money can only buy us things. Blessings can make the impossible, possible. When are blessings to be earned? While earning money. Not separately.


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    अगर हमें “जीवनसाथी, भविष्य की गेरंटी, मंदिर सा घर, सुरक्षा, संतुष्टि, सेहत, अपने और ज्ञान” चाहीये तो सबसे पहले हमें सिर्फ एक काम 🔑 करना है।
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